Air Force warplanes intercept a pair of Russian bombers near Alaska

Two Air Force warplanes intercepted a pair of Russian bombers flying in international airspace near Alaska, the North American Aerospace Defense Command said Tuesday. 

NORAD said it “detected, tracked, positively identified and intercepted” the two Russian Tu-95 Bear-H bombers “entering and operating within the Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ).” They were intercepted by a pair of F-16 fighter jets.

“The recent Russian activity in the North American ADIZ is not seen as a threat nor is the activity seen as provocative,” NORAD said in a statement.

Things Are Much Worse Than They Seem for Democrats

Don’t believe the psy-ops polls: Democrats are in for a shellacking unlike any they’ve had in a long while.

By Ned Ryun

October 13, 2022 Fairly long article, but well worth the read. rh

s sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, corporate propagandists offer their best psy-ops for the midterms. Through the summer and into the early part of fall, they were driving the narrative that somehow the midterm elections were not going to be particularly devastating for the freakish Left, and by that I mean Democrats writ large. 

The general narrative—and this is the Cliffs Notes version—was that there is nothing to worry about as our economic house burns down, violent crime explodes, and our southern border collapses. In reality, it’s not that bad at all. Actually, it’s good for you! Those flames you see burning down the house, in fact, are a source of warmth to brighten your evening. And don’t worry, the foundations should still be intact when the flames die down. Maybe.

The most blatant attempt at shaping a rosy narrative for Democrats about the midterms has been the absurd push to take note of “registered voter” polls, which in the real world means almost nothing. The “likely voter” polls—that is, polls of people who are actually likely to vote in the midterms—paint a different picture across the board, from the congressional generic ballot to the Senate and gubernatorial races. Nevertheless, as is sadly and predictably the case, there are those on the Right who have fallen for this psy-op. If one really wants to get a snapshot of reality, look at the polls strictly focused on likely independent voters only. 

The good news is that reality eventually kicks in, sometimes because rational people acknowledge and accept it, or sometimes because it hits one like a sledgehammer right in the face. For example, since 1946 every president in his first midterm election who has less than a 50 percent approval rating loses 37 seats on average in the House. 

Grandpa Dementia, who just got bent over by Mohammed bin Salman and the Saudis after begging for more oil production, who wanders aimlessly—sometimes literally—from defeat to defeat, is not even close to the 50 percent margin. He hovers around 40-41 percent on his better days. I don’t know exactly what an approval rating around 40 percent means for House losses, but I can assure you it’s north of 37 seats. 

Democrats have attempted to say that abortion is going to be a highly motivating factor, but the latest Monmouth poll has it ranked as the seventh issue on people’s minds going into the election. It’s certainly not the deal-breaker the Left seems to think it is. Sure, you’ll get the worshippers of Moloch fired up in the deep blue areas, as they shriek, “Let’s go kill some babies!” But apparently, and try not to be terribly shocked, people are far more concerned by the lack of money in their pockets than they are with the right to butcher babies up until the moment of birth. As abortion has faded as an even a semi-motivating issue over the past month, the real issues on people’s minds are inflation, crime, election integrity, unemployment, immigration and infrastructure.

In short, the issues that are a direct result of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ infantile, intentional, and disastrous policies. 

Gas prices are now starting to go up despite Biden’s irresponsible draining of our strategic petroleum reserve—which was an obvious and cynical political move to try to make things look better than they are just before the elections. I can assure you over the last month before the midterms one of the best campaign signs for Republicans in key Senate and gubernatorial races will be gas station signs. As we watch the economy and markets crash, CNN shared Gallup’s poll asking, “Who do you think is best equipped to confront the issues we have today?” Republicans had an 11-point advantage, which for those wondering, is the biggest lead they’ve had on that question in about 80 years .Other devastating news for the Left as we watch our southern border pretty much cease to exist: In 2020, Democrats had a nine point advantage among those who identify as conservative Hispanics. It’s now a 56 point advantage for Republicans. For those who still learned math before it became racist, that’s an over 60 point swing in less than two years. Which ties in to other big shifts that have happened since 2020. And just last year, Virginia

had a 12 point swing towards Republicans. It’s safe to say things have not gotten better for Puddin’ Brains and his posse of idiots over the past two years. 

So if Republicans push hard down the homestretch I have every reason to believe that our low end gains in the House will be in the high 30s, though it’s likely up to the 40s or even 50s. I’m hard pressed to believe we won’t have a 52-48 split in the Senate though I think we can get to 54-46. In gubernatorial races we will likely end up with around a 30-20 advantage, though 32-18 is possible, and of course we’ll pick up seats in state legislatures and make drastic changes at the school board level. 

In order for the Left to get the definitive rebuke it needs and so richly deserves, however, it is important during these last four weeks before Election Day to do everything in our power to make it so. So keep calm, carry on, and annihilate the Left: the tears and screams of agony from those twisted souls as they lose their “precious” ring of congressional power will be extremely enjoyable on Election Night.

THAT WAS QUICK… JOE BIDEN WALKS BACK SICK ATTACKS ON MAGA: ‘I Don’t Consider Any Trump Supporter a Threat to the Country’

On Thursday night Joe Biden launched an open attack on President Trump and his supporters — 75 million Americans! Joe Biden calls MAGA Republicans “a clear and present danger to our democracy.” Biden added, “MAGA Republicans embrace anger, thrive on chaos, live in shadow of lies.” And this, “History tells us a blind loyalty to…

Source: THAT WAS QUICK… JOE BIDEN WALKS BACK SICK ATTACKS ON MAGA: ‘I Don’t Consider Any Trump Supporter a Threat to the Country’

A Lost Nation

We are quickly losing our country. Our stated values that have been fought for are slowly eroding. No rule of law, the big shots get away with murder, destroying this nation and the constitution and just smile and laugh. Were are the grownups in the room with Dementia Joe. Nowhere to be found, they are the problem. I shouldn’t put this on Joe, we all know Obama is in charge.

The Biden administration said in April it was going to release up to 600,000 illegal immigrants in the coming months amid the unprecedented surge in illegal immigration while a watchdog report released in June showed that the government is utilizing the program more as time goes on. Reported by Epoch Times.

The U.S. is fast becoming a third world country. That is a fact.

The people in charge in D.C. are evil, and that includes the so called Republicans that scream and whimper and finally give in and agree to go along to get along, mainly to be invited to all the cocktail parties. Or should I say to get the bribe money that is passed out like candy. I’m sick of it and most Americans are!

God help us. rh

Poll: Biden’s Trans Focus Is Turning off Democratic Voters Suzanne Bowden – The Washington Stand

“Is this really happening?” That’s what the University of Kentucky’s Riley Gaines thought to herself, looking around the room. No one told her — or any of the other swimmers — that they’d be sharing their NCAA locker room with a fully-grown man. “So not only were we forced to race against a male,” she told Tucker Carlson about Lia Thomas, “we were forced to change [in front of] one.” And if President Biden gets his way, every girl in America — from kindergarten to college — will be in the same boat.

Fox News’s Carlson, like most dads, was flabbergasted. “[Was Thomas] wandering around the women’s locker room?” he stopped her to ask. “Yeah,” Gaines replied. “And that’s not something we were forewarned about, which I don’t think is right. Any man changing in the locker room with [people] who [have] different parts…” Carlson interrupted her. “They just set a dude loose in your locker room and didn’t tell you?” he said, floored. “Exactly,” Gaines nodded. It was a surreal feeling, she said, “Like, ‘What is happening?’ Like, honestly — is this really happening? This is crazy.”

Well, the American people certainly know how to feel about it — and if the Biden administration gives a rip about their party’s fate, they might want to stop and listen. According to a new Competitive Edge Research poll of more than 1,000 Americans, everyone — including Democrats — is disturbed by LGBT extremism that’s being forced on this country. An overwhelming number (62%) think transgender activists — of which Biden is the biggest — have “gone too far” with their agenda.

It wasn’t the first time girls had found themselves in vulnerable positions with Thomas. A group of University of Pennsylvania swimmers had already complained to the college and city authorities that they felt anxious going to shower and change. “It’s definitely awkward,” one teammate admitted, “because Lia still has male body parts and is still attracted to women.” But, like Gaines, their concerns were completely ignored. As Kentucky’s star pointed out, none of the NCAA officials and organizers seemed to care about the girls’ feelings. “We’re sitting there not even knowing who to talk to — who to complain to — because this kind of all happened behind the scenes… Like, people didn’t really know what to say, who to say what to, how to feel.” Reprinted in part from The Washington Stand