Crime of the Century

Top officials of the FBI, Former CIA, high ranking Democrats, foreign governments all colluding to destroy a duly elected President. Silent coup or outright treason? At best they all should serve jail time. At worst, well it is treason. Oh by the way who gave the ok on this little project. Has to be a very high, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. official. President Obama needs to tell us what he knew and when.

Never happen, but it should. Obama knew, no doubt about it. Rule of law demands justice.

Justice is blind

Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.” —Thomas Jefferson

If we have two different criteria for justice, we have lost our republic.

A silent coup is just as dangerous as one with guns.







need to be prosecuted and serve jail time.

COMEY plan to ambush TRUMP

James Comey and his band of wannabe Maxwell Smart agents need to go to jail. The whole lot of the top FBI needs to be derailed and prosecuted. We need justice under the law, if not we have lost our great nation. Can’t wait for the perp walk.

Interesting link to a good read from the Washington Examiner.