In 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO), along with five other UN specialized agencies, collaborated with the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to promote a set of sexuality guidelines created by UNESCO. The book: International and Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education: an evidence-informed approach, covers sexuality from birth through adolescence and is blatantly pro-abortion,  anti-family, and anti-God. Every Christian should be on guard as the program could spawn a sexuality curriculum written specifically for your children at your neighborhood school. 

My Intentions

In writing or posting on this blog I try to inform people on current issues or people in the news, or topics that are up front in peoples’s minds.  That is one reason I post from different web pages or blogs.  I want different perspectives and analysis.  Thanks for following.  I hope you enjoy.

Facebook Working With State Governments to Take Down Coronavirus Lockdown Protest Announcements

Facebook says it is working with state governments to take down organizing announcements for protests of the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus lockdowns. The protests have been spreading around the nation by Americans concerned the cure is worse than the disease and is killing the country and that the orders by governments go far beyond what is…

Source: Facebook Working With State Governments to Take Down Coronavirus Lockdown Protest Announcements

Vote Biblical Values

With all this virus chaos going on, let’s not forget that we will be electing a president this November.  Not only that but 435 Congressman and 1/3 of the Senate. In my opinion they mostly all need to be gone, at least a majority.  In the coming weeks I’ll give my thoughts on  how to vote and what values are important.  As a Christian it will come as no surprise I think we need Biblical values represented in government.  Local elections may even be more important.  Remember if you don’t vote, someone else will determine your values and your future.

Wuhan Virus

Patriots this is not a mad virus seeking whom it may devour.  This is a virus that we need to be aware of but not fear.  This unbelievable fear is being promoted mostly by the MSM.  People of advanced age with underlining issues are most vulnerable.  This is not an epidemic, is is of concern though.  Be safe and treat this like a flu outbreak.

This has been weaponized to hurt our President and to destroy our economy.  Now is the time to show strength and buy into the market.  It will rebound, all the economic indicators are fantastic.  This will pass.  We bought some stocks on Friday morning and have money.  Stay strong Patriots!  We are WINNING!!