Welcome to America’s Cultural Revolution

We’re in the dawn of a high-tech, bloodless cultural revolution, one that relies on intimidation, public shaming, and economic ruin to dictate what words and ideas are permissible in the public square.

“Words are violence” has always been an illiberal notion meant to stifle speech and open discourse. Popularized by a generation of coddled and brittle college students, it now guides policy on editorial pages at newspapers such as The Philadelphia Inquirer, The New York Times, and most major news outlets.

The Times can claim that a harsh tone and a small factual error in Sen. Tom Cotton’s recent op-ed was the reason the entire paper had a meltdown, but the staffers who revolted initially claimed that Cotton’s argument for bringing the National Guard into cities put black lives in “danger.”

None of the Times’ editors, all of whom are apparently comfortable with running fabulist histories or odes to communist tyrannies, pushed back against the caustic notion that engaging in debate was an act of violence. They bowed to the internal mob and pleaded for forgiveness.  Taken in part from a  Commentary  by David Harsanyi—The Daily Signal

CNN–Agenda Driven?

Ex-anchor Soledad O’Brien says CNN executive told her to host only the ‘right kind of black person’

Soledad O’Brien tweeted Saturday that a CNN executive had expressed an opinion about a certain individual being the wrong type of black person.

“This is an interesting read. Reminds me of the cnn exec who told me: “Roland Martin isn’t the ‘right kind of’ Black person.” She didn’t want me to book him on my show,” O’Brien tweeted.

“Charles Blow, she told me, (also a frequent guest) was ‘the right kind of Black,’” O’Brien said in another tweet.

Soledad O’Brien


This is an interesting read. Reminds me of the cnn exec who told me: “Roland Martin isn’t the ‘right kind of’ Black person.” She didn’t want me to book him on my show. L https://twitter.com/yashar/status/1271827632431087617 

Yashar Ali 🐘


1. EXCLUSIVE: For the past six months I’ve been investigating a very powerful media executive you’ve never heard of: ABC News head of talent Barbara Fedida. What I uncovered is confidential settlements, racist and inappropriate statements, and more…https://bit.ly/2zxBjqA 

Soledad O’Brien


Charles Blow, she told me, (also a frequent guest) was ‘the right kind of Black’.

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New York Times columnist Charles Blow reacted to O’Brien’s assertions about the alleged comments. “I don’t know how to take this ‘good negro’ talk,” he wrote.

Roland Martin responded with his own allegations about CNN, including that he was cautioned against using the word “bruh.” Martin said he was told to “be careful saying stuff like bruh. We don’t want to scare away white viewers.”

CNN did not immediately return requests for comment from Just the News.

Vote Biblical Values

Closing of Abortion Clinics

Anytime the abortion industry complains about hard times, pro life advocates have good reasons to rejoice.  Independent abortion clinics are struggling financially and may close due to the impact of covid-19.  Hooray!

“On-the-ground access to abortion care is changing every minute,” Nikki Madsen, executive directive of the Abortion Care Network said.  “If we lose clinics, there would be 10 states that would have no care after 11 weeks of pregnancy, and 4 states that would have no care at all.

In my mind I want all abortions stopped, but even a small step is reason to rejoice.

Unborn Lives Matter

Free Speech not Free Violence

I am proud to live in America.  I am proud of our history of being a nation that is first on the scene of any and all world disasters.  We, even if our efforts don’t always end like we like always try to make the world a better place.  We are not racist nor are we inherently racist.  People have a right to peaceable protest and make their grievances known to the proper authorities.  With that said, there is a difference in protest and civil disobedience.  Violence, arson, looting, rioting, beatings and even killings have wrapped themselves around the protests.  This must be stopped.  Destroying business and destroying peoples live are unacceptable.  Mob rule must not be tolerated in America.  It breaks my heart to see small children being indoctrinated into this cult.  It is a cult, Antifa demands kneeling with up raised hands and confession of guilt to gain absolution. Again why?  Because we are all racist.  We have all wronged all people of color.  We are guilty.  The nation that elected a black man eight years as President is racist?  We honor people who accomplish something in America regardless of skin tone.

NO we are not racist. This is not about race but power.  Check out who is funding them.  Powerful sitting politicians on the left and multi millionaire elitist.  Hollywood, sports icons etc.  It is a militant move on the sovereignty of the rule of law and our nation.  Destruction is their goal.  They want to tear down not build.  Those who accomplish nothing see no fear in tearing down something someone else built.

God Bless America.  To all our enemies I say God is not finished with the United States of America.

The Press

It is too bad the media is too  concerned with all things Trump to actually do their job.  We pride our self on being a free country and having a free press.  We do not.  Our press in America is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Socialist Democratic Party.  They know nothing of the truth and constantly push a far left radical agenda that includes government control in all areas of our life.  The media is pro death, (kill the economy, small business, personal freedoms,) and pro slavery (contact tracking, stay at home, wear your mask, wait for the next wave of the virus.)  I like to call them Pravda.  If you don’t know what I mean by that, google the old Soviet Union.

Our media resembles the  media in China and the Old Soviet Union, than America. 

Sad but true!


Media’s Love Affair

It is sick beyond measure that the MSM has such a love affair with Obama that they are dutifully, and have been for the last tree years, covering up the details of the coup attempt by Obama and his minions.  This went to the very top, no intel official would ever dig for dirt on a duly elected President without the ok from the very top.

Sadly we have a treasonous media and a America hating former Administration.  Yes I said America hating.  They did and they still do.

WILL WE EVER SEE JUSTICE?     I think not.


As I sit here reading that justice for corrupt FBI officials is near.  I can’t help but remember that I have heard this same old tune before.  Justice truly is blind, but apparently it is blind to those that are a part of the ruling class of America.  C’mon it’s time to put the big boy pants on and prosecute these felons!  We  can only hope.

By the way, lets not forget our friends at the Department of Justice.  Wray, Rosenstein, and others.