First and foremost, the only way to save our republic is through solid moral conservative values. We truly need to get back to Godliness in our country. Repentance of evil as a nation and in our personal lives. That said we must vote out all evil and corrupt politicians. Evil has invaded our Capital in D.C. Prayer is the only solution. Evil must be defeated in the spiritual realm first. Ephesians 6:10-18. My prayer since 2010 has been for God to bring light to the dark world of the ruling class in Washington, expose the evil deeds of corruption. Well He has. Now is the time for great intercession for our great nation. Satan can be cast out of our seat of government, but only through warfare prayer.

10 Republicans Voted to Impeach Trump, 7 Already Facing Challenges for Their Seats in Congress The Geller Report

This would be wonderful to defeat all RINO Republicans, but there is still the powerful leadership that plays footsie with the democratic socialist. Still think a Patriot Party could actually work now that we have such a split in our country and party. Trump brings the charisma to pull it off. My fear is Trump is too nice.

This isn’t playtime. We are in a war to change America! Ephesians 6: 10-18.