Death To The Dictator’: Iranians Take To Streets In Anti-Regime Protests

ByBen Zeisloft•Jul 19, 2021

Iranians are protesting against their nation’s Islamic government.

For the past several weeks, Iran has experienced worsening energy and water shortages. As the BBC reported, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani acknowledged the inconvenience caused by the outages earlier this month: “I apologize to our dear people who have faced problems and suffering in the past few days and I urge them to cooperate [by cutting their electricity use]. People complain about power outages and they are right.”

Has Iran launched a new stealth missile boat?

Iran has launched one of its new stealthy catamaran “missile corvettes” according to open-source intelligence analyzed by expert H.I. Sutton who runs the Cover Shores website. He noted that this took place as many have been distracted by monitoring the Iranian Makran warship which is sailing close to the UK this week. Meanwhile, a new boat was put to sea in recent weeks. “The boat, which is a large, stealthy catamaran design, was launched at a yard on Qeshm Island between June 27 and July 2,” notes Sutton. This ship is described as one of several under construction that will be called the Shahed Soleimani class of ships. At 65 meters long, it will apparently wield anti-ship missiles and air defense.  Back in April, a satellite image from Planet Labs, also analyzed by Sutton, noted that it included the third of Iran’s new catamarans designed for this class of ships. “This little-known shipyard near the Straits of Hormuz is linked to the IRGC and has been massively expanded,” he wrote.  This is not the first catamaran the Iranian navy has put to sea. According to Thomas Newdick at The Drive, the US Navy has released video of an IRGC ship called the Shahid Nazeri harassing US ships back in April. “The Shahid Nazeri is a larger catamaran-type, high-speed design that appears to be armed with a 20mm cannon and has a helipad on top of its rear deck,” he noted. Commissioned in 2016, the ship is 55 meters long and participated in a drill with the Russian and Iranian navies. It is based in Bandar Abbas.  Catamaran designs for naval ships are relatively rare. There are exceptions, such as the HSV-2 Swift that was once leased to the US Navy and then leased to the UAE. Under a UAE flag, it was attacked by Iranian-backed Houthis in 2016. Another catamaran-style vessel is the US Sea Fighter FSF-1, an experimental Littoral Combat Ship.
The US has a series of other larger LCS ships, twice the size of the new Iranian missile boat. Washington has also experimented with the stealth Sea Shadow catamaran. Indonesia has built a futuristic designed Klewang-class trimaran which is 62 meters long. Turkey has also looked at building a multi-role trimaran vessel.  Iran’s navy also looked at a trimaran design back in 2018 which it intended for coastal warfare. It was to be 100 meters long. Sleuths online have found photos and images of the new Iranian catamaran and also the shipyard that was expanded to build several of them. It remains to be seen how they will be used. Given Iran’s interest in harassing US ships and spreading influence to the shores of Yemen, the ship may help Iran project its power in coastal and nearby waters. The satellite images from early July appear to show that Iran has launched at least one of these new ships.Iran’s navy generally is not considered strong and it has many accidents, including one ship that burned and recently sank. Iran’s IRGC has a huge number of fast boats, some of which now use UAVs.Posted by Bill Salus at 5:53:00 AM Prophecy

Iraq Military Base Housing US Contractors Targeted By Five Explosive DronesBy Behold Israel, Jun 10, 2021

Multiple drones targeted Balad Airbase in northern Iraq on Wednesday, resulting in no casualties; Iranian-backed militias have been the culprit in past attacks; A base at Baghdad International Airport was also targeted.

Another attack occurred in Iraq on Wednesday, targeting the Balad Airbase located north of Baghdad. No casualties or even damage was reported following the event, and like previous attacks, Iranian-backed militia groups are suspected to be the source. Balad has been a frequent hotspot for Iranian-sponsored attacks due to the US presence.

In what is a certain concern for the US military, the attacks this week took place via explosive suicide drones that are difficult for the US military to detect on its radar systems due to the low altitude at which the drones fly.

An additional attack was reported as having taken place at the Baghdad International Airport, where another base is located. Several injuries have been inflicted due to these recurring militia attacks, and one foreign contractor was killed several weeks ago.

One source has reported that the US military is now offering a significant reward for anyone who can offer information regarding the source of Wednesday’s attack.

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Post-Conflict, UN Human Rights Council Opens Ludicrous Investigation Into Alleged Israel War CrimesBy Behold Israel, May 28, 2021

On the heels of the two-week conflict between Hamas (Gaza) and Israel, the United Nations Human Rights Council has approved an investigation into supposed war crimes committed by Israel; Israeli Foreign Ministry: The decision is a moral stain on the international community and the UN.

Just days after Hamas (Gaza) and Israel agreed to a unilateral ceasefire, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) opened an investigation into alleged Israel war crimes and human rights violations. The 11-day conflict came to an end on Friday morning, May 21st, but it’s critical to remember how it began in the first place – Hamas firing multiple rockets towards the capital city of Israel, Jerusalem.

The UNHRC voted 24-9 in favor of the investigation, including 14 abstentions. It is also worth noting that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation brought the resolution to the table, which has a longstanding sympathy for the Palestinians.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that the probe “completely ignores the 4,300 rockets toward Israeli citizens” and added that it is a “moral stain on the international community and the UN.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joined the criticism, stating that the UNHRC clearly has a “blatant anti-Israel obsession.” He added that the “automatic majority at the council whitewashes a genocidal terrorist organization that deliberately targets Israeli civilians while turning Gaza’s civilians into human shields.”

Not only did Hamas initiate the violence that ensued, but it fired over 4,000 rockets in total, sometimes harming its own people. Furthermore, the acts of terror that came out of Gaza resulted in the deaths of several Israeli civilians. As Hamas continued to launch rockets, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) retaliated with numerous airstrikes throughout the Strip. 

And while the UNHRC cites the Jewish state for potential human rights violations, it’s worth noting that it’s Hamas that strategically establishes itself in civilian areas and compounds, creating human shields for itself as noted by the PM.

It was perhaps Defense Minister Benny Gantz who said it best, stating that the decision “ends all legitimacy for the Human Rights Council’s continued existence.”

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IAEA chief: Iran’s uranium enrichment now at levels of ‘countries making bombs @Koenig eyeview

The head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog has said Iran is enriching uranium to levels that only countries seeking to make atomic weapons reach, and that the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program can no longer be returned to where it stood when a landmark 2015 deal was struck with world powers.

“A country enriching at 60 percent is a very serious thing — only countries making bombs are reaching this level,” International Atomic Energy Agency chief Rafael Grossi said in an interview with the Financial Times published on Wednesday and cited by the Reuters News Agency.

“Sixty percent is almost weapons-grade, commercial enrichment is 2, 3 [percent],” he said. “This is a degree that requires a vigilant eye.”

ael Kills Hamas Commander Iyad Fathi Faik Sharir, IDF SaysBy Tim Pearce

Israel has killed a top Hamas commander in a strike against the terror group.

“We just killed the commander of the Hamas anti-tank missile unit, Iyad Fathi Faik Sharir. He was in charge of carrying out anti-tank missile attacks on Israel. Our aircraft are currently striking additional terror targets in Gaza,” the Israel Defense Force tweeted Tuesday while carrying out attacks in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Military Retaliates To Hamas Rocket Fire On JerusalemBy Behold Israel, May 10, 2021

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has retaliated to Hamas rocket fire on Israel’s capital city; As the conflict between both parties continues to escalate on Monday, the IDF has also killed multiple known Terrorists in Gaza.

Hamas, backed by the Iranian regime and oversees Gaza, fired dozens of rockets into Israel on Monday while the Jewish state prepared to celebrate Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day). While the typical hotspot for Hamas’ rocket fire is in southern Israel, the terror proxy targeted Israel’s capital city on Monday evening. 

Throughout the Muslim observance of Ramadan, tension has been on the rise between Palestinians and the Jewish community, including the police. However, the decision to fire rockets at Jerusalem was met with no small consequence, as multiple Israel response attacks have already occurred, with many to follow. The IDF specifically targeted multiple known terrorists in Gaza, eliminating them, and carried out several airstrikes on other Hamas targets.

Netanyahu said, “We will not tolerate an attack on our territory, in our capital, on our citizens and soldiers. Whoever attacks us will pay a heavy price.”

Netanyahu also stated, “We are in a struggle on several fronts: In Jerusalem, Gaza and other places in Israel. The terrorist groups in Gaza crossed a red line on the eve of Jerusalem Day, a red line, and attacked us with rockets on the outskirts of Jerusalem.”

Rocket fired continued from Gaza in the hours to come, though Israel’s Iron Dome would intercept most of the projectiles. Tel Aviv would eventually open all of its bomb shelters as well, following an announcement from Hamas that it would begin targeting the major city.

Furthermore, the Palestinians lit a tree on fire in Jerusalem via fireworks.

Later into the evening on Monday, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) conducted a large-scale attack in Gaza on more military targets.

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Iranian Factory Near Qom Faces Significant Explosion by Behold Israel

A chemical factory in central Iran experienced a massive explosion on Sunday, resulting in the arrival of well over a dozen firefighting vehicles; The source of the explosion remains unknown.

Qom, located in central Iran, was rocked by a massive explosion on Sunday in one of its chemical factories, resulting in the injury of at least two firefighters. Reports indicate that upwards of 20 fire engines had to arrive on the scene to help put out the fire, consisting of approximately 150 firefighters. The particular site of interest is the Movaledan chemical factory.

According to one representative from the fire department, two of the fire engines involved caught fire following multiple explosions that occurred. Online video showed how dark smoke filled the sky in the immediate area. One of two firefighters injured in Sunday’s event remains in critical condition.

Initial reports revealed that the cause of the blast remains unknown, much like the series of explosions and fires that took place throughout the Islamic Republic in the summer of 2020. Sunday’s explosion took place during a time when tensions are on the rise between Iran and Israel. Iran blamed Israel for the series of explosions that occurred last year.

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