Russia, Ukraine, Turkey & UN News

An agreement will be signed today between Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN that will allow the exported grain from Ukraine.

Diplomats say the plan includes:

Ukrainian ships will transport drain through remind Harper waters. Russia agrees to a truce while the shipments move. Turkey with the support of the union will inspect ships to alleviate Russia fear of arms smuggling@

Now that’s a foursome I would be happy to trust my wife in a motel room with. Not! rh

Three Amigos?

Putin, Iran, and Turkey are getting closer than ever. Saudi Arabia will allow flights from Israel now. Nations are picking sides. Where does Biden’s America stand? First stop for Biden on his trip to the Middle East was not in Israel, but what liberals call Palestine. Keep your eyes on the Middle East. America is not the center of the world. Israel is. rh

Dramatic increase in the level of threat to Israelis in Istanbul:Senior security officials in Israel: “Concrete warnings, call on Israelis – lock themselves in rooms”

An Iranian directive to carry out an attack against Israel in Turkey was given:

There is a fear that it will happen over this weekend, made the Israeli government ask Israelis in Istanbul to close their hotel rooms and avoid going out into the street.

The Iranians are interested in carrying out a kidnapping attack or alternatively murdering Israelis.

Turkish intelligence is conducting a manhunt in Turkey, with the help of the Israeli Mossad, after an assassination squad of Iranian “Revolutionary Guards” trying to eliminate Israeli businessmen and tourists.

Reported by Amir Tsafati