British Prime Minister – Friend of Israel?

Rishi Sunak, who will be the new British new prime minister after becoming Conservative party leader on Monday, is considered a strong supporter of Israel and a friend of the UK’s Jewish community.

At a Conservative Friends of Israel event in August, Sunak declared Jerusalem is “indisputably the historic capital” of Israel and that there was a “very strong case” for moving the UK embassy from its current location in Tel Aviv.

But Sunak, a former Treasury chief, also acknowledged “sensitivities” over the issue.“It’s something I’d like to do,” he said. “If it was that easy, it would have been done by now”. Per

Israeli Military Retaliates To Hamas Rocket Fire On JerusalemBy Behold Israel, May 10, 2021

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has retaliated to Hamas rocket fire on Israel’s capital city; As the conflict between both parties continues to escalate on Monday, the IDF has also killed multiple known Terrorists in Gaza.

Hamas, backed by the Iranian regime and oversees Gaza, fired dozens of rockets into Israel on Monday while the Jewish state prepared to celebrate Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day). While the typical hotspot for Hamas’ rocket fire is in southern Israel, the terror proxy targeted Israel’s capital city on Monday evening. 

Throughout the Muslim observance of Ramadan, tension has been on the rise between Palestinians and the Jewish community, including the police. However, the decision to fire rockets at Jerusalem was met with no small consequence, as multiple Israel response attacks have already occurred, with many to follow. The IDF specifically targeted multiple known terrorists in Gaza, eliminating them, and carried out several airstrikes on other Hamas targets.

Netanyahu said, “We will not tolerate an attack on our territory, in our capital, on our citizens and soldiers. Whoever attacks us will pay a heavy price.”

Netanyahu also stated, “We are in a struggle on several fronts: In Jerusalem, Gaza and other places in Israel. The terrorist groups in Gaza crossed a red line on the eve of Jerusalem Day, a red line, and attacked us with rockets on the outskirts of Jerusalem.”

Rocket fired continued from Gaza in the hours to come, though Israel’s Iron Dome would intercept most of the projectiles. Tel Aviv would eventually open all of its bomb shelters as well, following an announcement from Hamas that it would begin targeting the major city.

Furthermore, the Palestinians lit a tree on fire in Jerusalem via fireworks.

Later into the evening on Monday, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) conducted a large-scale attack in Gaza on more military targets.

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Living In Prophetic Times-Last Days Part 1

In my estimation the end times, as the Bible calls it, began when a tiny piece of ground in the Middle East was given back to the Jewish people.  On May 14 1048 the nation of Israel was born.  Many including myself the term is reborn, but for those who only trace history back to the day they were boren, I will leave it as it is.  Biblically God gave sure words of Prophecy through Isaiah, Daniel and other prophets in the Old Testament to that fact of Israel becoming a great nation in the last days.  The fig tree shall blossom and the desert bloom like a rose.  To anyone who does not believe in God, I point to Israel. 
For those of us who think the world revolves around our Western culture and nations, think again.  The center of it all is Jerusalem in Israel.  We are but bit players in the grand scheme of what is termed “The Last Days.”  As we look back on that day in 1948 and realize President Truman’s signature fulfilled Bible Prophecy found in Isaiah 66:8 “Shall a nation be brought forth in one day?  Shall a nation be brought forth in one moment.  The resounding answer is yes!

Is Biden preparing to use new CIA director to broker another back-channel deal with Iran? The very thought is raising alarm bells in Jerusalem

ALL ISRAEL NEWS spoke to senior US and Israeli officials about CIA director-designate William Burns, one of the architects of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal

Joel C. Rosenberg | February 16, 2021

Folks this is a dangerous game that is being played in our government by the pretend president. He is purposely distancing himself from Israel. Pray for Israel and our rotten government.


BREAKING: Israel’s intelligence minister, Elie Cohen, just said that Indonesia (the largest Muslim country in the world) is definitely on the shortlist of Muslim counties that might soon normalize relations with Israel.


Saudi Former Intel Chief Condemns Palestinians for 70 Years of ‘Failures’

JERUSALEM, Israel – Saudi Arabia’s former intelligence chief blasted the Palestinian leadership for their foreign policy “failures” and outright rejection of the UAE-Israel peace deal in a scathing 40-minute interview that aired on Saudi television Monday.

“This low level of discourse is not what we expect from officials who seek to gain global support for their cause. Their transgression against the Gulf States’ leadership with this reprehensible discourse is entirely unacceptable,” former intel chief and US ambassador Bandar bin Sultan told Al-Arabiya TV.

Palestinian leaders strongly condemned Israel’s normalization with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain and warned other Arab states against formalizing ties with Israel. Bin Sultan accused the Palestinians of undermining their cause by missing critical opportunities to make forge ties with Israel and form their own independent state.


Turkish president Erdogan implied today in his speech that Jerusalem belongs to Turkey, referring to the Ottoman Empire’s control over the city for much of the modern era. @BeholdIsrael

Kosovo & Serbia Set to Move Embassies to Jerusalem

Following the historic agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kosovo has announced the normalization of ties with Israel; Both Kosovo and Serbia are set to move their embassies to Jerusalem.

As of Friday, both Kosovo & Serbia announced their intentions to move their embassies to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Furthermore, on Friday, Kosovo announced that it will be normalizing its diplomatic ties with Israel. This is significant as Kosovo is a Muslim-majority country, and the first of such to move its embassy to Jerusalem.

After the announcement, President of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi took to Twitter stating, “I welcome the announcement of Israeli PM @netanyahu about the genuine intention to recognize #Kosovo and establish diplomatic relations. Kosovo will keep its promise to place its diplomatic mission in #Jerusalem.”

Following the news, US President Trump also tweeted, “Another great day for peace with the Middle East – Muslim-majority Kosovo and Israel have agreed to normalize ties and establish diplomatic relations. Well-done! More Islamic and Arab nations will follow soon!”

Kosovo’s decision follows the recent move by the UAE to normalize diplomatic ties with the Jewish State. And given the recent trip by US officials to the Middle East and what we’ve now witnessed with Kosovo and Serbia, it’s likely that more countries are soon to follow.September 5th, 2020|News copied from


The modern state of Israel is a fulfillment of so many Bible prophecies. Ezekiel 37 and Isaiah 66 and many more. Everything about its birth, survival to its rise to a powerhouse is nothing short than miraculous. If you have a problem with Israel’s existence- talk to God!

Israel Attacks Syria Following Attempted Border Bombing

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israeli fighter jets, helicopters, and aircraft carried out airstrikes against the Syrian military Monday evening in response to an attempt by four men to plant explosives near the security fence between Israel and Syria Sunday night.

The Israel Defense Forces struck numerous positions held by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces, including observation posts, intelligence collections systems, anti-aircraft artillery, and command and control systems.

“The IDF sees the Syrian regime as responsible for all operations carried out in its territory and will continue to act with determination against all attacks on the sovereignty of the State of Israel,” said the IDF in a statement.

Syria’s official news agency, SANA, said that the Syrian military engaged “hostile targets” near Damascus, and the enemy airstrikes inflicted “material damage” in the city of Quneitra.  Al-Arabiya reports that some injuries were sustained during the strikes.

Shortly before the airstrikes, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that an air raid by unidentified aircraft had killed at least 15 Iranian-backed militiamen in al-Bukamal.

Citing “reliable sources,” the group said the attack targeted “positions of Iranian forces and Iranian-backed militias in Imam Ali Base, areas near Al-Sekka, and in Al-Bokamal desert in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.”

SOHR sources said that military vehicles transported dead and injured militiamen to Iraq.

On Sunday, Israeli troops killed four men who entered Israeli territory and attempted to plant explosives near an unmanned IDF post along the security fence.