Kelsey Grammer Brought to Tears While Talking About the ‘Jesus Revolution’ on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’

7/2023 03:56:10 PM Steve Warren

Actor Kelsey Grammer became emotional while talking about his portrayal of Pastor Chuck Smith in a new motion picture titled “Jesus Revolution” during a recent appearance on the syndicated program “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

Grammer’s comments came after the show aired a clip from the film. 

“I love this movie,” Grammer said through tears. “I really love it.”  

He added that his wife Kayte Walsh, loved it too when they both sat down in their home to watch the first cut of the film.  

“When Kayte saw it she said, ‘Oh my God, it’s the best thing you’ve ever done,'” he recalled. “She started crying.”

I have seen the movie. It is absolutely wonderful. rh

Contending for the Faith. Part 2

The most important thing is to preach Jesus, and the second most important thing is to preserve the most important thing.

That is why I get involved in politics. The Church has been silent too long in allowing the degradation of society. Pastor if you’re not preaching about a Biblical Worldview or preaching on Biblical values you are missing a chance to change society. Do you preach on Pro Life Sunday? Did you know there was a pro life Sunday? What about voter registration Sunday? Did you know there is a big push to legalize drugs? How about speaking out to stop sex trafficking or gender confusion? Yeah I know stop being negative. It’s not negative, when we as the collective church have not been proactive in social issues.

We have been really good at getting people “saved”, but what about discipleship. If we are to be world changers, then what about impacting our world with Biblical morality?

39% of Evangelical Pastors Reject absolute moral truth

69% Agree life is sacred

37% say having a faith is more important than what your faith is

51% of adult Christians claim a Biblical Worldview

It’s time we as the Ekklesia of God should be the leading force to transform this wicked world. Be a world changer. Live on the edge of societal revolution, because we know Truth by name, His name is Jesus!

Pray for Revival!