It is a sad day in the United States of America.  Let me say I as a Christian do not want harm or loss of job to anyone in America, however when a Church or other Christian organization would have to hire a gay person that is a wrong.  Deeply held morality from bodies of faith should and must be kept.  What is even more shocking  is that a conservative justice Gorsuch appointed by Trump has joined the libs on the court.  Roberts is and always will be a loose cannon, but Gorsucch?  One never knows the way an appointee will vote.  I will be curious to know if this will include hiring of LGBTQ persons or not.  If so, it will send ramifications through the faith community.  Churches should have the right and employees to hire who they want.

I understand this ruling was on a certain particular case that had nothing to do with faith institutions, but does anyone think it will  end there.  No, they are and always have been coming for Churches.