Middle East

While the world is occupied with a virus, the Middle East is a powder keg waiting to be lit. The past two weeks have seen strange explosion around the Nuclear facility in Iran, a huge explosion in Lebanon, and fires being set in various places. Israel is on high alert due to Hezbollah. Watch! Turkey is one to watch as they lay claim to new territory.  Israel, Cyprus and Greece signed a deal in January for a pipeline and then finalized aspects of that deal in July.  Israel, Cyprus and Greece signed a deal in January for a pipeline and then finalized aspects of that deal in July.
Turkey is sending its navy to sea with drilling and survey ships this week to challenge these deals and put its facts on the ground. Turkey sent the Oruc Reis ship to conduct “survey activity” far in the Mediterranean between Cyprus and Crete. Turkey says it will “defend the rights” of itself and Northern Cyprus, an unrecognized country that Turkey factors into its claims at sea. Lots going on in the world today.

Underground Pastor Reveals: Turkey Becoming Another Iran

In exclusive interview, Turkish Christian leader says, “We have learned that democracy is not our savior”AUGUST 7, 2020  TOPICS: CHRISTIANSISLAMTURKEYREAD by David Lazarus

Turkey is tilting towards the East, and its growing relationship with China and Russia bode a major increase in the minefield of enemy warmongers along Israel’s northern border. In the meantime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s strong-arm president, has undermined NATO by installing Russian S-400 anti-aircraft batteries pointed towards Israel and Europe, and is ramping up his support for terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah while allowing other jihadist groups like ISIS to launch terror attacks unhindered in the region.

To get an insider’s look at these disturbing developments, Israel Today spoke with Mustafa, a pastor and leader of Turkey’s underground church just barely surviving under the growing Islamization of the newly radicalized Turkish regime.

“Most people have no idea what is really happening in this country,” said Mustafa, who cannot reveal his real name for fear of violent retribution against his wife and three children. He explained that just having contact with someone from Israel is now considered an act of treason as Erdogan continues to push the once secular democracy towards a regional Islamic power. Taken from Israeltoday.com

Crazy World

We live in a wild and crazy world. The Middle East is always one spark away from all out war, Russia and Ukraine, chaos in Africa, protest in France, N. Korea, and of course China.

Interesting that all the NATO leaders may publicly say they are not fond of President Trump, they sure do like to have their picture taken with him. Trump is always the most popular leader at all these events. Could it be they recognize a real leader when they see one?

What we need in this world is more Donald J. Trump and less of the soy boy leaders in Europe. If war broke out or disaster hits, it won’t be France, or Germany or Canada that responds. It will be the good guys in white hats from the United States of America. Pay up, sit down and shut up soy boy.