Three Amigos?

Putin, Iran, and Turkey are getting closer than ever. Saudi Arabia will allow flights from Israel now. Nations are picking sides. Where does Biden’s America stand? First stop for Biden on his trip to the Middle East was not in Israel, but what liberals call Palestine. Keep your eyes on the Middle East. America is not the center of the world. Israel is. rh

The Israeli surface-to-surface missile strike on the southern suburbs of Damascus (the international airport) targeted new weapon shipment arrived from Tehran in the last 36 hours. The Iranian regime is trying hard to execute fast some kind of a revenge to the series of alleged Israeli operations within iran itself in which several senior nuclear program related scientists and military officers from the IRGC were assassinated.

Following the early morning attack in Syria – the airport in Damascus was shut down

Unofficial Syrian sources affiliated with the Assad regime claim that the airport in Damascus will not be usable in the next 48 hours.

(Abu Ali). Reported by Amir Tsafati behold

Nuclear Iran

Israeli Defense Minister Ganz at Reichman University: Iran stands a few weeks away from accumulating enough fissile material to suffice for a first bomb; Iran is currently making an effort to complete the production and installation of 1,000 advanced IR6 centrifuges, including at an underground site near Natanz. Amir Tsarfati