A China Joe Miracle-Virus Flees

On Jan. 19, NPR ran the headline “As Death Rate Accelerates, U.S. Records 400,000 Lives Lost to Coronavirus.” But on Jan. 21, it featured a story titled “Current, Deadly U.S. Coronavirus Surge Has Peaked, Researchers Say.”In fact, a New York Times chart tracking cases and deaths indicated the surge peaked before Trump left office, with a 21% decline in cases since Jan. 9.

In addition, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced Friday restaurants could reopen to in-person dining on Feb. 1.

Relief Bill

Only 6 Senators did the right thing and voted no on the COVID “relief” bill:

@MarshaBlackburn – Tennessee
@RandPaul – Kentucky
@tedcruz – Texas
@SenRickScott – Florida
@RonJohnsonWI – Wisconsin
@SenMikeLee – Utah

They did the right thing. This bill does NOT put Americans first.