I had forgotten that Rod Rosenstein was going to be grilled by the Senate today on the Russia investigation and the Mueller report. I just turned it on for about 35 seconds of useless pandering. Let me say this, don’t bother watching you’re not gonna find out anything that you don’t already know. You know the old saying birds of a feather flock together…

Who knows maybe I’ll be wrong.
Still waiting for some high-ranking Democrat to come out and denounce the violence and destruction by the mobs. No one will, and of this I am certain.
It is funny and I’m sure just a coincidence that Biden, Clinton and the Dem leadership started wearing black mask last week before the riots started.
Why does New York arrest anyone if they turn them loose within a couple of hours.  Getting them back to the brick piles I guess.

Russian Collusion

I am so tired of the deep state or as I like to call them the “ruling class” getting away with spending millions and lying to the American people.  It is time for jail time to be in the future of several top FBI and DOJ officials as well as the inner circle surrounding Obama.  He knew and sanctioned this attack on the President.  I was a coup.