Biden’s Most Radical Move Yet

Most Americans who voted for President Biden did so hoping for a return to “normalcy.” Because of the media’s constant demonizing of President Trump, they were convinced that a President like Biden would introduce some calm and let them worry a little less about politics for a while.

Since his inauguration, though, Biden has been one of the most radical Presidents America has ever had, a progressive in the model of FDR or LBJ, but with even more radical policies.

And now, Biden is acting on one of the far Left’s most extreme threats: packing the court. The White House announced its intentions to create a commission to study court-packing. Hopefully, Biden doesn’t have the votes in the Senate to pack the Court even if he wants to, but even this first action is troubling.

I Still Stand…Until Proven Wrong

As a born-again Spirit filled believer I understand what it means to stand and walk in faith. I understand that we have the power to come against principalities and power according to Ephesians 6:10-13. I also know that Jesus said in Mark 11 that we could speak to the mountain and it would be removed into the sea.

I am also a man that lives in the real world, and for whatever reason sometimes our prayers do not work. Is it not in the perfect will of God? Is it double mindedness? I don’t know. Saying all that I truly hope that the videos and words sent to me from good and Godly people come true, I pray everyday that God would move heaven and earth to accomplish our prayers for this nation. Normal Americans are appalled at what the ruling class politicians are attempting to do. Stolen election and stifling the 1st Amendment is truly scary. Lockdowns, shut downs, forced vaccinations and thought police roaming the internet taking away our fought for freedoms. That is enough to keep one awake at night. What scares me the most is that God is sovereign and His will trumps (no pun intended) ours. If our hope is not realized, we need to understand we are in a battle for our very lives and way of life. It will be a Warring Church that leads us out of this chaos we seem headed for. To God be the glory. Either way…

We stand with Christ and His Word.

Petitioners say it has 500K signatures collected to strip Whitmer of emergency powers

By Justin P. Hicks |

An effort to challenge a Michigan law that grants the governor emergency powers has reportedly surpassed its signature goal and will soon be submitted to the state for review.

The “Unlock Michigan” initiative needs 340,047 valid resident signatures to put the effort to repeal the Emergency Powers of Governor Act before the legislature. On Wednesday morning, Sept. 23, the group Stand Up Michigan announced it had collected 500,000 signatures.

Democratic Mayors and Governors are power hungry elitist. This is what will happen if the Federal Government is controlled by democrats. Power hungry ruling class.


I am sick and tired of liberal wackos, excuse me, socialists and communists trashing this great country.  America is the first responder to every nation on the face of the earth. We send money and supplies and volunteers to every crisis and natural disaster that happens.  We spend billions of dollars for the safety of our allies and our enemies. We have spent billions to repair war torn nations. We fight, we win, and we go home. We are not a country that wants to expand our borders, we just are the world’s policeman and the world’s conscience.  And for that we have paid a heavy price in loss of life for our brave men and women of the military. America understands the meaning of the word sacrifice.

No other country has a phrase like ours.  THE AMERICAN DREAM!! Think about it, you never hear about the Russian dream or even the British dream.  We are a unique country with a unique spirit about us. Like it or not that spirit of excellence and morality is God given.  This nation was founded on religious freedom and our laws and constitution is based on Judeo Christian ethics and values. We are a great country with wonderful caring people.  We are not racists. We are not selfish. When we see a wrong, we correct it and move on. Forgetting the past and reaching to the future. We are for the most part humble and caring and only wanting what is best for our citizens, but also the rest of the world community.  We are the last great hope for the entire world. Imagine if you can a world without the United States of America.

I am a Patriot.  I love this experiment that has become a beacon of light in the midst of a perverse and dark world.  I am proud of our accomplishments and sorry for our failures. Hey America let’s get this together. We are one nation.  We should want what is best for all Americans. We should be ecstatic about historic low unemployment in all minority communities.   We should be thankful and proud, as I am, for our military, law enforcement and our first responders. We should be thankful for a stock market that is making our workers a nest egg for retirement.  We should be thankful and proud to be American. We should be excited to see America rise like a Phoenix from the ash heap of mediocrity.

But some aren’t.  Why?