Pompeo says U.S. is ‘working to get every nation to recognize Israel,’ hints Sudan could be next

By Jennie Taer

During Wednesday’s State Department press briefing, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo teased that Sudan could be the next country to sign a deal to normalize diplomatic relations with Israel. Pompeo also revealed that the U.S. is moving to lift the state sponsorship of terror designation still imposed against Sudan.

The Trump administration recently brokered similar deals with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Israel, dubbed “The Abraham Accords.” The two gulf countries signed deals with Israel at the White House last month, signaling a “new era of Middle East Peace.” A delegation from Sudan was reportedly in attendance at the signing ceremony.

Middl East

Syrian report: The Iranian Revolutionary Guard transferred today major forces from Iraq to the Imam Ali base in Al-Bukamal, Syria: 12 trucks with heavy and light weapons, 5 military vehicles with machine guns, as well as three buses with fighters, arrived at the main base. @BeholdIsrael.com

Iraqi Prime Minister

The new Iraqi prime minister just landed in Washington DC and wa a received with the highest honors. Prior to his landing he made it clear that he is interested in strong US Iraq relations. His words sent Iran to order it’s militia forces to attack several times US bases in Iraq. @BeholdIsrael

Islamist Group Arrests Syrian Christian Teacher for Refusing to Give Up His School

An Islamist rebel group affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and backed by Turkey has arrested a Christian Syrian teacher for refusing to surrender his school building for Islamic training.

Radwan Muhammad, 40, is the headmaster of a school in a northwestern Syrian village near the Afrin province.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) reports that the arrest to place on July 30 after Muhammad told the Failaq al-Sham rebels, “I will hand you the building in one case only: if Jesus Christ comes down to earth again.”

Muhammad had another recent incident with the Islamist group after his wife, who had converted to Christianity, passed away. The group would not let her body be buried according to the local Christian traditions. 

Nihad Hassan, pastor of a Kurdish church in Beirut, Lebanon said, “We are extremely worried about Radwan’s life and well-being. He is being held at Failaq Al-Sham’s headquarters in Afrin and they may execute him. Those Islamist groups and their Turkish masters are walking in the footsteps of IS. In fact, many of their fighters are former IS and al Qaeda members.”

CSW Chief Executive Mervyn Thomas called for an end to this persecution against Christians and also asked for Muhammad’s release.

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Turkey must stop the rebels and “immediately bring to an end all forms of violence and human rights abuses in the areas they control,” Thomas said. “We are deeply concerned for Mr. Muhammad’s welfare and we urge his abductors to release him immediately and without condition. We also urge the Turkish authorities to intervene.”

Middle East

While the world is occupied with a virus, the Middle East is a powder keg waiting to be lit. The past two weeks have seen strange explosion around the Nuclear facility in Iran, a huge explosion in Lebanon, and fires being set in various places. Israel is on high alert due to Hezbollah. Watch! Turkey is one to watch as they lay claim to new territory.  Israel, Cyprus and Greece signed a deal in January for a pipeline and then finalized aspects of that deal in July.  Israel, Cyprus and Greece signed a deal in January for a pipeline and then finalized aspects of that deal in July.
Turkey is sending its navy to sea with drilling and survey ships this week to challenge these deals and put its facts on the ground. Turkey sent the Oruc Reis ship to conduct “survey activity” far in the Mediterranean between Cyprus and Crete. Turkey says it will “defend the rights” of itself and Northern Cyprus, an unrecognized country that Turkey factors into its claims at sea. Lots going on in the world today.

Lebanese Minister of Information Resigns Amid Growing National Anger

Manal Abdel-Samad submitted her resignation on Sunday in the wake of national protests targeted towards a corrupt government.

Following the national protests that took place over the weekend in Beirut, Lebanon’s Minister of Information Manal Abdel-Samad resigned on Sunday. This comes in the aftermath of the unprecedented explosion that took place last week, killing over 160 people. Without question, the frustration of the Lebanese people has reached its peak when it comes to government corruption.

Supposedly, at least one other minister close to the prime minister is expected to resign soon as well. Several other lawmakers have also resigned.

Within her letter of resignation, Samad portrayed her disappointment when it comes to failing the Lebanese people. She added, “Given the magnitude of the catastrophe caused by the Beirut earthquake that shook the nation and hurt our hearts and minds, and in respect for the martyrs, and the pains of the wounded, missing and displaced, and in response to the public will for change, I resign from the government.”

The Lebanese people have carried out protests several times in the last year, primarily targeting their corrupt government, which has resulted in a devastated economy. It’s estimated that nearly three-quarters of the country needs some sort of humanitarian aid. And now, post-explosion, over 300,000 additional people have been left homeless.August 9th, 2020|News http://www.BeholdIsrael.com


Italian explosives expert Danilo Coppe believes an ammo/explosives depot in #Beirut was the epicenter of the massive August 4 blast. The resulting orange cloud further confirms the existence of such a stock at the port. @BeholdIsrael.com