Nuclear Iran

Israeli Defense Minister Ganz at Reichman University: Iran stands a few weeks away from accumulating enough fissile material to suffice for a first bomb; Iran is currently making an effort to complete the production and installation of 1,000 advanced IR6 centrifuges, including at an underground site near Natanz. Amir Tsarfati

Target in Damascus, according to Syrian sources:Sources affiliated with the Syrian opposition report that Israel attacked three targets in the Damascus area last night.Two of the destinations (warehouses) are located near the International Airport in Damascus and according to these sources there, apparently, the weapons and ammunition that arrived in Damascus yesterday were transferred aboard an Iranian cargo plane.According to these sources, an intensive ambulance service was recorded towards the two destinations within the field.Sources added that another target, used by Iranian forces, had been attacked. This target is located at one of the bases of the Fourth Division of the Syrian Army in Jabal a-Sumaria, in Damascus. After attacking this target, a fire broke out on the spot.(Abu Ali) reported by Behold

Russia Warns that Israeli Strikes in Syria Seek to ‘Escalate Tensions’ by Behold Israel

Russia’s ambassador to Syria issued a warning on Thursday that Israeli airstrikes inside of Syria are close to forcing Russia to respond; Israel has targeted several Iranian-backed sites inside of Syria for years now in order to prevent entrenchment by the world’s number one sponsor of terror.

On Thursday, Russian Ambassador to Syria Alexander Efimov issued more concerns regarding Israeli strikes inside of Syria in recent weeks. The ambassador claimed that the Jewish State’s airstrikes seek to “escalate tensions and allow the West to carry out military activities in Syria.”

Russia’s ambassador went as far as saying that Israeli airstrikes in Syria are “provoking” Russia to react.

Israel, for many months and even years now, has been carrying out airstrikes in Syria – largely in the region of Damascus – in order to prevent Iranian entrenchment inside the war-torn country. Iran has a host of proxy militia fighters throughout Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and other places in the Middle East. Recent strikes have resulted in the deaths of multiple Iranian-backed fighters in and around Damascus.

March 25th, 2022

Russia, China, and Syria

The world is very concerned with Russia invading Ukraine, as I am. I’m hoping for and I truly believe that conflict will get sorted out very quickly. At least that is my prayer.

One of my bigger concerns for the past couple of years has been China. When will they make their move into Taiwan. That would put the US military looking directly down the barrel of The Chinese military. Of course we never know what the Biden administration will do, he may just hold a press conference turn his back and walk out of the room and declare victory.

Because of my great love for Israel and Bible prophecy. I am much more concerned with what could happen with Russia and their alliance with Syria in the Middle East. Whatever happens in all three of these hotspots in the world today, we are truly living in a time of wars and rumors of wars which predict catastrophic happenings in the Middle East with Israel and the other Arab countries.

My hope and prayer of course is for peace around the globe. But knowing the bad actors involved in all three of these scenarios, leaves me little hope for any kind of peace beyond the temporary.

Russia Rejects Israel’s Claim to Golan Heights

2/25/2022 02:55:25 AM CBN News

JERUSALEM, Israel – Responding to Jerusalem’s support for Ukraine, Russia on Wednesday said it rejects Israel’s claim to the Golan Heights. 

Russia blasted Israel at the United Nations during a Security Council debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“We are concerned over Tel Aviv’s announced plans for expanding settlement activity in the occupied Golan Heights, which directly contradicts the provisions of the 1949 Geneva Convention. We stress Russia’s unchanging position, according to which we do not recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights that are an inalienable part of Syria,” Russia’s deputy ambassador, Dmitry Polyanskiy, told the council.

Iran Launches Three New Satellites into Space for Research Purposes

According to reports, the purpose of sending the satellites into space is research-related; Hosseini: The country is seeking to build solid-fuel satellite carriers shortly.

On Thursday, Iran released video evidence that it sent three new satellites into space this week via the Simorgh space-launch vehicle (SLV), claiming they will be used for research purposes. According to Iran’s Defense Ministry, the rocket launch carried “research payloads” that are expected to reach an altitude of 470 kilometers (292 miles).

One Iranian state media outlet boasted that the launch revealed Iran’s “indigenous space capability and the ability to launch small satellites.” The outlet reported that it also displayed “the development of launchers with higher capabilities, the design and development of Imam Khomeini space center, and the satellite on Simorgh, included in the country’s space industry program.”

As noted by The Jerusalem Post, the Iranians have been increasingly developing their space program in recent years. One source even added that the Republic is hoping to produce “solid-fuel satellite carriers” soon.

The alleged research launch comes at a time when nuclear talks between Tehran and the international community remain underway.

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IDF Hits Iranian-Backed Targets in Southern Syria Overnight

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) struck targets in the southern region of Syria overnight on Wednesday; Initial reports reveal that the missiles were fired from the Golan Heights; At least one casualty is reported.

Overnight on Wednesday, the IDF struck targets in southern Syria via missiles fired from the Golan Heights. The attack reportedly took place after midnight and targeted Iranian-backed interests in the area. According to at least one initial report, the attack resulted in the death of one Syrian fighter and other structural damage.

As is typical of the Syrian State media, it claimed that most of the incoming missiles were downed before impact, a claim that has been disproven more than a few times.

The timing of the attack is interesting, as it took place after reports surfaced that an Iranian cargo plane landed in Syria earlier in the day. The attack hit near As-Suwayda and in close proximity to Damascus International Airport, both located in the southern region of the country. Israel has not commented on the event(s).

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Israel Responsible for Attacks on Sites in Syria Amid Chemical Program Restartby Behold Israel December 13, 2021 23:42According to reports early this week, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) was responsible for a series of attacks on illegal chemical facilities in Syria over the last two years; The attacks took place after the Jewish State gathered intelligence concerning the Assad regime’s restart of a chemical program.It was revealed early this week that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) carried out multiple airstrikes in Syria in 2020 and 2021 on alleged chemical sites belonging to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime. The strikes occurred after Israeli intelligence gathering revealed that the regime had resumed production at illegal sites – production that it has even used on its people.The IAF has conducted a host of airstrikes inside of Syria over the last couple of years, often in the area of Damascus hitting Iranian-backed military interests. However, according to recent reports, chemical sites were also the target of the IAF.Ongoing reports of the Assad regime using chemical weapons in the Syrian Civil War continue to surface. Despite overwhelming accusations to the contrary, the Assad regime claims it has not used chemical weaponry in almost a decade.The post Israel Responsible for Attacks on Sites in Syria Amid Chemical Program Restart appeared first on Behold Israel.

Israel Military Action

Suspected Israeli Strike Targets Iranian Assets at Syria’s Lattakia Port

by Behold Israel December 7, 2021 11:00

State media is reporting that Israeli fighter jets targeted the Lattakia Port overnight on Monday; Multiple targets are reported to have been hit, which were likely connected to Tehran; Initial reports indicate no injuries.

The west coast of Syria experienced an overnight series of strikes on Monday at the Lattakia Port, located on the Mediterranean Sea. According to Syrian State media, Israeli fighter jets are responsible for the attack. Israel has carried out many attacks in Syria to combat Iranian entrenchment. However, an attack on a port is considered rare.

Initial reports suggest that shipping containers were struck, which could be seen on fire in the aftermath. The Lattakia Port is a vital destination for imports, making it very possible that if Israel had any involvement, it was likely that Iranian military assets were the primary target.

Online video showed explosions taking place. Several hours after the strike, injuries are yet to be reported.

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Iraq Military Base Housing US Contractors Targeted By Five Explosive DronesBy Behold Israel, Jun 10, 2021

Multiple drones targeted Balad Airbase in northern Iraq on Wednesday, resulting in no casualties; Iranian-backed militias have been the culprit in past attacks; A base at Baghdad International Airport was also targeted.

Another attack occurred in Iraq on Wednesday, targeting the Balad Airbase located north of Baghdad. No casualties or even damage was reported following the event, and like previous attacks, Iranian-backed militia groups are suspected to be the source. Balad has been a frequent hotspot for Iranian-sponsored attacks due to the US presence.

In what is a certain concern for the US military, the attacks this week took place via explosive suicide drones that are difficult for the US military to detect on its radar systems due to the low altitude at which the drones fly.

An additional attack was reported as having taken place at the Baghdad International Airport, where another base is located. Several injuries have been inflicted due to these recurring militia attacks, and one foreign contractor was killed several weeks ago.

One source has reported that the US military is now offering a significant reward for anyone who can offer information regarding the source of Wednesday’s attack.

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