Democrats Are Evil

This will be short and sweet. Democrats hate the American system and are in the process of trying to destroy our country

. Who shuts down a pipeline then gives oil to China?

Who tells parents they are terrorist if they want to have a say in their children’s education?

Who forces people to get vaccinated and then we learn (as I knew all along) it doesn’t work and may lead to illness and death?

Who leaves $Billions in Afghanistan?

Who let’s Iran get a nuclear bomb?

Who wants to kill babies?

Who pushes trans gender to children and mutilates their bodies?

Who lost a laptop of Hunter Biden? Democrat run FBI.

DEMOCRATS – Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil. Isaiah 5:20

You nay say that is too harsh some democrats don’t believe those policies. Really? Then why did you vote for it? If you don’t like it leave the party and it would dissolve. Somebody likes and votes for all this.


Bette Midler goes rogue and ‘unwoke,’ answers question no one else wants to

She portrayed a marriage counselor in Mel Gibson’s romantic comedy, “What Women Want,” and now actress Bette Midler is demonstrating some mental clarity by answering the question which so many others can’t: What is a woman?

Source: Bette Midler goes rogue and ‘unwoke,’ answers question no one else wants to

Finally some common sense from a Hollywood leftist.  The  women’s movement should be screaming about trans genders.  They don’t understand they are giving away the store, so to speak.