Nuclear Iran

Israeli Defense Minister Ganz at Reichman University: Iran stands a few weeks away from accumulating enough fissile material to suffice for a first bomb; Iran is currently making an effort to complete the production and installation of 1,000 advanced IR6 centrifuges, including at an underground site near Natanz. Amir Tsarfati

America has Fallen!

America has fallen! For the past 4 years we have seen a systematic destruction of our nation. A silent coup that has now been exposed against a duly elected President of the United States. Who is in jail? Who has even been charged with the smallest of crimes? We have solid evidence in personal emails of the highest levels of the FBI, and the White House of domestic spying on President Trump. What has been done? Nothing at all. We were a nation of laws, justice was blind to who or what crime or the severity of said crime, justice would always prevail. Not any longer. We have 3 classes of individuals in our nation now. The Ruling Class that does whatever they desire legal or not. Laws for thee, but not for me. Secondly we have the worker bees, the people who make this country work. They are the silent majority that are overworked and over taxed and over regulated. They work and others reap the benefit. Their voice has been silenced. Lastly we have the parasites who either won’t work or have no desire to find meaningful employment. They are the takers feeding off the backs of the working middle class who strain to make their lives and their families lives better.

A Year-and-a-Half Out – NY Times Confirms Hunter Biden Laptop is Real

Here it is… The New York Times finally admitted that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real. In October 2020, The New York Post dropped an “October surprise” on Biden’s presidential campaign and released emails from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop. The emails revealed Hunter Biden was doing business with foreign countries and acting as Joe Biden’s bagman…

Source: A Year-and-a-Half Out – NY Times Confirms Hunter Biden Laptop is Real

Israeli-Ukrainian Father Mistakenly Killed While Attempting to Flee the Country

The father of two children was killed while attempting to flee Ukraine on Monday; Victim’s father: The Ukrainian soldiers thought he was Chechen or something and killed him.

Adding to the tragedies reported amid the Russia-Ukraine war, a Jewish father of two was mistakenly killed on Monday while attempting to leave Ukraine. Roman Brodsky was reportedly shot dead by Ukrainian forces after they mistook him for a pro-Russian Chechen fighter. Brodsky was traveling among a convoy of vehicles on its way to the Moldovan border.

According to an initial report by The Times of Israel, Brodsky was living in Ukraine with his family before the war. The report states that the father claims that his son was killed at a military checkpoint. The father said, “The Ukrainian soldiers thought he was Chechen or something and killed him.”

Despite his son being killed by Ukrainian soldiers, Brodsky’s father pointed the finger at Russian President Vladimir Putin. He stressed the need for Israel to do its part in bringing its citizens home safely.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett responded to Brodsky’s death, stating, “In the name of all Israeli citizens, I want to send my condolences to Roman’s wife, children, and family in Israel and in Ukraine. We are doing everything to help Israelis return home.”

The core Jewish population of Ukraine is approximately 43,000. However, up to 200,000 Ukrainians, according to a report by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, qualify for Israeli citizenship in line with the Law of Return.

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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Firm Rosemont Seneca Invested in Firm Tied to Ukrainian Biolabs

Hunter Biden’s firm Rosemont Seneca provided capital for the firms behind the creation of Biolabs in Ukraine.   We heard on Tuesday from the US State Department that there were US Biolabs in Ukraine. Then on Wednesday the Biden regime backtracked and insisted there were no US-funded Biolabs in Ukraine. Why the sudden confusing messaging from…

Source: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden Firm Rosemont Seneca Invested in Firm Tied to Ukrainian Biolabs