Stock Market

During this whole crisis of the China flu, I have been most concerned for the dramatic drop in the market.  People have lost lots of their retirement money.  Myself and my wife included.  This might seem to be a callous thought, but we do all we can to be safe with our health.  Sanitize and distance ourselves and eat healthy etc.  We do that and fell safe, at least that we have done all we can.  Put the rest in God’s hand and go on.  But this market is destroying peoples lives.  I’m too old to wait long for the market to rebound.  My thoughts were that sometime during the next 4 years we were getting out and putting our money in a safe place.  Sooner rather than later.  But now… lots of baby boomers, especially those of us who are younger than most boomer are in a bad situation.

We will survive,  not what we planned but ok.  God will provide and we are good, but some will be devastated.  In the back of my mind I still have this nagging thought that none of this should or needed to have happened.  Is this really that bad to need draconian measures?  Only time will tell.

Be safe everyone.  Trust in the Lord.  We will survive.

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