Inflated Numbers

So I was watching the Trump news conference day before yesterday.  The President said 200,000 people could die from the virus in the next 14 days.  We get immune to hearing numbers on T.V.  Ok so here goes, that would be 14,285 per day.  Yeah you heard that right.  Ok let’s spread it out for 30 days, 6,666 per day.

That  will be hard to  do when most people who even get the virus have little or no symptoms.. I fear our President has been given bad info.  I ran numbers the other day on Florida.  Mortality rate was at 0.0121.  That is a state which has a lot of visitors from other states as well as foreign visitors.

Just to follow up. ” Dr. Birx using New York as the baseline for the 200,000 deaths model despite the fact New York accounts for only 6% of the US population but 46% of COVID-19 deaths.” @mitchellvii from twitter.

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