Joe Biden

I try not to speak ill of people who struggle with sickness or mental abilities. Unfortunately because Joe Biden and his family and the corrupt democratic party has seen fit to put Biden out on the national and international stage we must report the truth. I was adopted as a child. My adoptive mother’s side of the family had issues with dementia. It is a maddening and cruel disease. Disorientation, sometimes a child like attitude and expression. Becoming angry and lashing out for no reason, as well as other symptoms. I feel sympathy for the patient and the family who normally tries to protect and comfort the one suffering.

Joe Biden is sick. I take NO pleasure in saying this, in fact I feel anger that he is being used in this manner. The real sickness is those who are trying to capitalize on his name. They should be ashamed of themselves. Biden is not capable to serve in any elected capacity. He needs help. I pray sanity is found in his family to stop this charade. Again I would never vote for Biden, his policies are wrong, but I pray for him because he has lost his cognitive abilities. I am truly sorry, such a cruel disease. I have seen this before first hand in my family and hope he gets the help he needs.

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