Government Mandates – Vaccines

In our small little hamlet I live in the big news is non enforceable mask mandates. It seems that there is an emotion involved that carries the day when our County Commissioners meet to decide county policy. Two weeks ago they voted down a mask policy, immediately one commissioner received such feedback she called another session to change her vote to affirm a mask wearing policy. Her reasoning was the emotional feedback on her decision. People were afraid to go out in public because non mask wearers were spreading the virus. This lady admitted she was doing this on not truth or facts, but emotion. In the mean time no business is actually enforcing this policy.

On another note an email was leaked from a city official in the mayor’s office contemplating when and how to mandate covid vaccines, which are still in the production stage. Really? Which has stirred a new hornets nest of contention far greater than any mask issue could ever do. Obviously I am opposed to this as well. Call me stupid, but I am still not convinced vaccines do any good on a virus like this. Flu shots don’t seem to work. Anyway a long intro to a couple of paragraphs I want to share out of a Daily Signal article from The Heritage Foundation. See below.

“Typically, drug development takes several years before drug approval, and the fact that there are two phase 3 trials beginning seven months after the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in America reflects the amount of resources being devoted to vaccine development and the breathtaking speed at which it is happening.”

“By comparison, the vaccine with the shortest time to approval up to now has been the mumps vaccine, which took four years to develop. “

The race for a COVID-19 vaccine began at the end of January.”

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