Destroyed for a Lack of Knowledge

Originally intended for the Israelites, Hos 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,” speaks volumes to the present day church that is sitting fat and lazy in their cushioned chairs and air conditioned places of worship. Hearing sermons on their best life now and the 7 keys to happiness has brought a stupor on the evangelical church in America.  Knowledge is power, the saying goes, but if the pulpit is silent, then the laity are dumbstruck.  If  the church hears nothing on a Biblical World View, how will they ever understand they have the mandate to speak out on world issues that contradict a Christian World View?  If the Pastor never encourages or seeks to motivate the church to stand up and speak out on moral issues, will we ever see change.  Some of the most Godly men and women I know refuse to get involved in politics.  They sit and pray, which is good, but sometimes we have to face the giant not pray them away.  David could have prayed all day, but it wasn’t until he picked up the first stone that God began the miracle.  The issues of today are moral, not political.  We should be speaking out on these issues.  I lay the sins of America at the feet of the modern church.  We lost our voice trying to win the world through being too much like the world.  We should be different, and when I for one speak out on moral issues and I get more amen’s out of the church than inside the church…we have a problem. Reminds me of the Old Testament king who didn’t want Jeremiah to prophesy because he never had  anything good to say.  The problem was Jeremiah was speaking for God!  The modern church could use an Old Testament man of God today.  Silence is not an option.

One thought on “Destroyed for a Lack of Knowledge

  1. Lord, give us the boldness needed to speak up and step out to make a difference that will turn this nation to God!


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