Republican Party is on Life Support

As I write this I just finished reading where the uni party in DC will be attempting to do an amnesty for illegals who have entered the country. Oh the angst of big name republicans and media who are so concerned on the lack of victory in general elections. Oh they say they were bad candidates, yes some were, others received no funding from the old fat turtle leading the RINO party. Conservatism works every time it is tried. Real conservatives will win elections! Republicans don’t vote because they fell it does no good. RINO leadership is weak and too scared of missing a photo op to support real conservative candidates. Trump screwed up in Pa. McConnell screwed up in Arizona, by the way is anyone talking about the fraud and theft? Nope.

We flipped a radical left School Board here in my hometown. How did we do it. We got true conservatives pushing family values! We stood up and promoted and fought for them. WE WON. Novel concept. Try it, it works. Conservative Biblical Values!! Rh

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