Are You Ready for Christmas?

Preparing for the Presence of God

If we are to receive the presence of God we must prepare ourselves. John the Baptist was sent to prepare people to receive the Son of God. His message was simple, “repent”. Mt. 3:2.

Repentance requires a change of heart, mind, will and behavior toward Him. He is Lord, and we must recognize and submit ourselves to Him. The Lord of our lives must be Jesus. Many in that day were not ready to recognize Him. Some wanted a king, a great military leader to throw off the heavy burden of Rome. They weren’t able to receive because they had preconceived ideas about how and who might come to be the Messiah. But Jesus came as a lowly and humble servant of God to redeem (by back) those who all their life had fears and failures in life due to their sins against Almighty God.

Are you prepared? He stands at the door and knocks. Will you open the door at this season? Jesus stands ready to give the greatest gift ever conceived, the Gift of Eternal Life. Romans 10:9-10, John 14:6. Rh

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