The Church, The Ekklesia, or the Remnant

For many years I suspected the use of the Greek word Ekklesia was just used to make one feel more educated. But I have come to believe that it really is an important term. Ekklesia is a Greek word that means the “called out or summoned ones.” So is the church, however in the day we live today there is an added definition that I believe is appropriate. Ekklesia was first used in Greek to denote the call of citizens in a city to gather and decide political issues. My belief is that there is a distant calling out of those to rule and reign with Christ in a spiritual context in our day. (Eph.2:6). To deal with the issues of modern immorality and speak into culture. We are in some capacity a governing body, not in anyway suggesting a theocracy, never, but having a voice in our republic. After all we were founded on Judeo/Christian values. The Church is all inclusive of those who are born again, but Ekklesia or remnant have accepted the call to transform our nation through political or governmental means. Doesn’t make us any less sold out for Jesus, quite the contrary, the most important thing is to preach Jesus, the second most important thing is to be able to do the most important thing. That my friends involves keeping and preserving our Republic. Join me as a part of the governing Ekklesia!

On a side note I have found many Patriots who understand that we in America are not in a political battle, but we are in a spiritual battle against right vs. wrong. And in some cases they are far more intuned to this battle than the Church.

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