Christian Persecution/Sanctioned By Government??

The Bible is clear that in the last days there will be a great falling away from the true faith of Christianity.  Along with that falling away is not only the result of false teachers and false doctrine but the real persecution of the church that is happening now.  It’s not just the usual hate mongrelling by anyone on the left that makes fun of Christians and depict us as hateful and intolerant.  Statistics prove that there is an uptick in acts of physical violence of the faith community and the desecration of churches.  It seems the Gender Mafia (which I like to call them) have decided it is fair game to threaten violence and even death for not celebrating their immorality. 

The Family Research Council has done a study on the increasing Church violence.  Here are their findings.  In 2018 only 50 incidents, but in 2022 it reached a high point of about 130.  It seems one of the major causes is the overturn by the Supreme Court of Row V. Wade.  At least 50 attacks are a direct result of that decision.  Of course many minor incidents always go unreported.  It’s not just abortion, the LGBTQ activists are constantly spewing hatred and threatening violence.  A good example is the Nashville shooting at a Christian school.  

Let’s make no mistake about it, there is a battle in the spirit realm and always has been, but now it is flowing over into the physical world.  It doesn’t help that our present administration has an agenda that favors those who have a hatred for the church and its parishioners.  Biden has promoted a radical agenda that is at odds with traditional values of America.  Remember school board parents calling domestic terrorists?  I do.

Silence in the face of evil is acceptance! Prayer and intercession is all that will turn the tide. No political leader will ever accomplish all we want. Only Jesus Christ has the power and ability to make America great again. Let’s put the focus where it belongs. God Bless America. Rh

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