Chris Wallace calls out Joe Biden for employing ‘basement strategy’: ‘The damnedest thing I’ve ever seen’

‘I don’t think you can hide from now until Election Day’

Fox News host Chris Wallace called out presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden last week for what the “Fox News Sunday” host characterized as the “basement strategy.”POLL: Will Joe Biden still be the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate when we get to November?

Biden has been largely absent from the public eye during the coronavirus pandemic, which was not entirely unsurprising given the former vice president’s gaffe-prone nature. But even as the Biden campaign prepares to formally accept the Democratic presidential nomination this week, the campaign continues to employ its strategy of remaining out of the limelight.

The campaign’s behavior is especially unusual, according to Wallace — especially for the week of the convention.

“So I’ve been doing Sunday shows with conventions. I started on ‘Meet the Press’ in 1988. I’ve been doing it on and off for what? What is that? 32 years. And it always happens that the Sunday before the convention, the campaign puts out top officials to preview the convention and to say this is what we’re gonna try to get accomplished,” Wallace began.

So, you know, we’ve been counting all week on, you know, having a top official from the Biden campaign — the campaign manager, the top pollster, the chief strategist — to talk about what they’re going to talk about during this next week. They are not putting anybody out,” he continued. “And at first I thought, well, maybe it’s because it’s Fox News and they’re boycotting us. No, they’re not putting anybody out on any of the Sunday shows.”

Wallace, speaking on Guy Benson’s Fox News Radio show, went on to call the strategy the “damnedest thing” he has ever witnessed in political strategy.

“I don’t understand what’s going on here. This is the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen,” Wallace said.

“The Biden campaign isn’t putting anybody out. And this just is of a piece with the vice president not doing really any serious interviews, not answering any questions since the rollout,” Wallace continued. “He continues to lead with what I’ll call the basement strategy.”

“I don’t think you can hide from now until Election Day. I just don’t think it’s possible,” Wallace said.

CNN–Agenda Driven?

Ex-anchor Soledad O’Brien says CNN executive told her to host only the ‘right kind of black person’

Soledad O’Brien tweeted Saturday that a CNN executive had expressed an opinion about a certain individual being the wrong type of black person.

“This is an interesting read. Reminds me of the cnn exec who told me: “Roland Martin isn’t the ‘right kind of’ Black person.” She didn’t want me to book him on my show,” O’Brien tweeted.

“Charles Blow, she told me, (also a frequent guest) was ‘the right kind of Black,’” O’Brien said in another tweet.

Soledad O’Brien


This is an interesting read. Reminds me of the cnn exec who told me: “Roland Martin isn’t the ‘right kind of’ Black person.” She didn’t want me to book him on my show. L 

Yashar Ali 🐘


1. EXCLUSIVE: For the past six months I’ve been investigating a very powerful media executive you’ve never heard of: ABC News head of talent Barbara Fedida. What I uncovered is confidential settlements, racist and inappropriate statements, and more… 

Soledad O’Brien


Charles Blow, she told me, (also a frequent guest) was ‘the right kind of Black’.

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New York Times columnist Charles Blow reacted to O’Brien’s assertions about the alleged comments. “I don’t know how to take this ‘good negro’ talk,” he wrote.

Roland Martin responded with his own allegations about CNN, including that he was cautioned against using the word “bruh.” Martin said he was told to “be careful saying stuff like bruh. We don’t want to scare away white viewers.”

CNN did not immediately return requests for comment from Just the News.

Protesters and Riots

I know I have to be careful how I say this, but when I hear any African-American on TV talking about these riots in Minneapolis I cringe.  Fox had Donna Brazile on the noon show with Harris Faulkner today.  Harris was livid about the riots and could not understand how they could destroy their own neighborhoods.  When she asked Brazile about that, Donna just chocked on her words.  Talked all the way around the issue but never condemned what was going on.  Explain it to me.  I don’t understand why people would destroy what little these communities have.  Please some liberal African-American person condemn the rioters.  Until you do you are part of the problem.  Every one needs to serve jail time.  Don’t hate me, I want an answer.

To be clear, the Police officer needs to be tried and if found guilty be convicted with the strongest sentence possible.  No one should be above the law.  No one.

The Press

It is too bad the media is too  concerned with all things Trump to actually do their job.  We pride our self on being a free country and having a free press.  We do not.  Our press in America is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Socialist Democratic Party.  They know nothing of the truth and constantly push a far left radical agenda that includes government control in all areas of our life.  The media is pro death, (kill the economy, small business, personal freedoms,) and pro slavery (contact tracking, stay at home, wear your mask, wait for the next wave of the virus.)  I like to call them Pravda.  If you don’t know what I mean by that, google the old Soviet Union.

Our media resembles the  media in China and the Old Soviet Union, than America. 

Sad but true!