Protesters and Riots

I know I have to be careful how I say this, but when I hear any African-American on TV talking about these riots in Minneapolis I cringe.  Fox had Donna Brazile on the noon show with Harris Faulkner today.  Harris was livid about the riots and could not understand how they could destroy their own neighborhoods.  When she asked Brazile about that, Donna just chocked on her words.  Talked all the way around the issue but never condemned what was going on.  Explain it to me.  I don’t understand why people would destroy what little these communities have.  Please some liberal African-American person condemn the rioters.  Until you do you are part of the problem.  Every one needs to serve jail time.  Don’t hate me, I want an answer.

To be clear, the Police officer needs to be tried and if found guilty be convicted with the strongest sentence possible.  No one should be above the law.  No one.

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