Data suggest Florida’s record-breaking coronavirus days may have been inflated by as much as 30%

The state appears to be posting backlogged cases as if they occurred on the days in question.

By Daniel Payne Just The News

Florida health officials appear to have inflated recent record coronavirus case numbers there by as much as 30%, according to an analysis of data released by the state’s Department of Health. 

U.S. health officials have been warning for several weeks that COVID-19 case trends in Florida are pointing to a possible looming catastrophe as the state records ever-increasing numbers of the disease. After several months of flat infection rates, positive case results in Florida began rising slowly in mid-June before beginning a steep climb near the end of the month. 

Deaths in the state have remained largely flat over that time period, leaving experts struggling to explain why surging case rates have not resulted in an uptick in mortality. One possibility, according to data provided by the state itself, is that the new case numbers regularly posted by Florida health officials have been significantly inflated in recent weeks.

Since i live in Florida this is very interesting information. Follow the link for in depth statistics. We need this country open and schools operating. This is not the end of the world. The world isn’t perfect, lets get on with the business of America. Cases is one thing, death is another. Most have little or no symptoms, case in point my daughter, who had mild condition and continued to work from home. Our church had several cases and all ok, no hospital visits at all. These I know for a fact. I refuse to live in fear!

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