Media and Mind Control

I have put a self-imposed fast on watching or listening to any main stream media. Since the election I pretty much go to websites and people that I trust to get what little news that I get. I’m just sick and tired of the main stream media lying constantly and using psychological tricks to try to control the population. The media has an agenda, it is a far left wing Nazi agenda. It’s funny how they call conservatives Nazis. The Nazi party was a left-wing socialist group. They banned and burn books, they confiscated weapons, they put unorthodox rules and laws into affect to control the people in Germany. I am a Christian conservative I am not a Nazi and just because I love our country and want to put it first in the world doesn’t mean I’m a nationalist. A strong America makes for a strong world. We are the last great hope for democracy in this world. With God’s help we will keep it. But it will not be easy.

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