Benjamin Netanyahu a Survivor

Few politicians have dominated politics in the way Benjamin Netanyahu has in Israel over the past quarter century. Netanyahu has served as Prime Minister for 15 of the last 25 years, and while the final counting of absentee ballots may affect the makeup of his next government, “Bibi” Netanyahu seems certain to return to that office after this week’s election. Aided by divisions among his opponents, and a realization even among Israelis critical of one or more aspects of his personality or tenure that he is the only man who can govern, Israel’s voters have brought back one of the world’s most reliable politicians in

Biden and the democrats have tried to influence this election just as Obama. Even now with the hand writing on the wall screams of anguish are emitting from democratic socialist who want Israel to be as weak as possible in the Middle East.

Well I’ve go news for you arrogant pols in America, God has his hand on Israel. Shut up and allow Israel to determine it’s own path.

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