We Flipped a School Board

It has been a long 20 months, but the only reason I founded Christian Coalition was to impact our school boards with Godly values and running moral conservative candidates. Thank God we found them.

The vetting and endorsing process was filled with sleepless nights. We lost some friends along the way and we made many new ones. Being a Pastor I was shocked that Patriots would tell me right off the bat, that our battle was a spiritual one. They seemed to know what many in the church didn’t. They also knew to win, we had to fight like our children and our grands lives were at stake, and they were. We did and we WON!

Flipping 3 seat up for re-election gave us a majority for the first time in anyone’s memory. We stopped indoctrination of our kids and turned a new page. Won’t be easy but we are not going anywhere. The Bible says to fight and then stand. The word “stand” is a military word, meaning after the battle we continue to be vigilant and on guard for the next attack. It will surely come, but we will fight it off.

How did we win? Prayer, leg work, volunteers and the strength of God.

Also good Conservative candidates is a must! No weak kneed moderates need apply. Stand for your values. Identify and attack. Conservatism (according to Rush Limbaugh) works every time.

Man I miss him. Rh

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