Update to Previous Story

The mysterious explosion today at the Natanz nuclear facility in Iran targeted the site where Iran’s centrifuges were manufactured and assembled. The Iranians are in panic mode as it appears to be a series of inside jobs sponsored by an enemy country!

Amir Tsarfati  @BeholdIsrael twitter feed

Interesting.  You just never know about the Middle East.  Israel can never allow Iran to go full nuclear.

One thought on “Update to Previous Story

  1. They will always find a way to try to blame the U.S. or Israel anytime something bad happens. Thats how they keep their own people in the dark about their inadequacies. One report that I read today suggested that their was no nuclear fallout or anything at the site. It makes one wonder where the radiation is coming from that authorities have detected recently. I believe they detected it somewhere in the Baltic region.


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