I am not sure how many were alive and taking notice back in 1979 when our embassy was over run by Iranians.

November 4, 1979
On November 4, 1979, just after the Shah arrived in New York, a group of pro-Ayatollah students smashed the gates and scaled the walls of the American embassy in Tehran. Once inside, they seized 66 hostages, mostly diplomats and embassy employees. After a short period of time, 13 of these hostages were released
In that instance we had a weak and ineffective President.  Jimmy Carter, much like Obama and Kerry was not able to budge the leadership in Iran to release the hostages. Weak and ineffective.  After a failed rescue attempt, failed negotiations and apparently no resolve to get our people out, they had to endure 444 days of captivity.  On the day President Ronald Reagan took over as Commander In Chief, they were released.
Folks the only thing this renegade country understands is either force or the threat of force by someone who has the capability to follow through.  President Trump was right in his recent actions toward Iran.  I don’t want war, but Iran must never, I repeat never have nuclear weapons.  Full stop!
God Bless America

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